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Aaron Leigh’s solo EP release is a departure, a welcome revelation of

this artist’s musical origins and roots. Best known as the bass player for

legendary Bay Area hard rock outfit Y&T, from 2016 to the present day,

as well as heavier projects such as Echo Of Souls, White Witch Canyon

and Frank Hannon Band, Leigh’s earliest musical influences are on full

display throughout this entertaining set. Steeped in the sounds of

Classic 70’s California Pop/Rock, these three original tracks, buoyed by

the inclusion of an early-era Fleetwood Mac cover, brings this artist full

circle, to beginnings that needed to be shared. Tesla’s Frank Hannon

provides stellar lead guitar contributions on lead single, "Insanity", an

instant earworm and musical meld between two like-minded, SacTown

peers and longtime rock ’n roll purveyors of the NorCal music scene.

A solid debut that certainly creates anticipation for more...